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The future of energy

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quality made in Emden

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Due to their increased risk from lightning strikes and their difficult, rapid accessibility, wind turbines represent a special safety challenge. We continuously demonstrate our years of experience and expertise in this field worldwide.

With Very Early Fire Detection (VESDA) and fully automated extinguishing systems, we here opened a new chapter in the protection of wind turbines.

In our factory we also prepare our systems for Remote Commissioning and Remote Control.


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When it comes to energy, it's always about efficiency. This also applies to the commissioning, maintenance and diagnosis of your EMDION safety systems. You can save time and money by implementing our Remote Commissioning and Remote Control. The majority of necessary work can be carried out remotely via a secure connection. This minimizes the need of on-site visits of our technicians. As always you can rely on our first-class service quality for all our remote services.


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Innovative forms of energy require innovative security systems. In addition to fire and gas detection, we also offer reliable protection against unauthorized access naming perimeter protection and CCTV systems.

In the field of ​​power-to-gas, our specially developed EX camera systems for explosive areas are demonstrating their superior strength.


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Open-space photovoltaic systems are valuable investments that need corresponding protection. This is given by our wide range of CCTV systems, perimeter protection and access control.

Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry is probably the greatest and most diverse challenge for security technology. The uncompromising reliability and robustness of all safety-related systems are of absolute focus. So trust your detection and extinguishing systems with nothing more than know-how and quality made in Emden by EMDION.

Generation and Distribution


Being the "lifeline" of modern society, uninterrupted energy generation and distribution have top priority. Our systems are reliably used around the clock. In addition to fire protection, security systems against unauthorized external influences and attacks are essential. With our effective measures of perimeter protection, access control and video surveillance, we exactly deliver that!

Overview of our safety systems


Very Early Fire Detection (VESDA)

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Call Systems


Perimeter Protection


Fire Detection Systems


Foam Extinguishing Systems


Management Systems / SCADA

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Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Extinguishing Systems



Extract from our energy references


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