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Gas alarm system

Increase the safety of your employees with gas detectors


EMDION offers a high level of expertise in the installation and maintenance of stationary gas detection systems. As a system integrator, we provide solutions for difficult environmental conditions, which are always individually tailored to the customer to ensure that the invisible danger of gases can be averted. Through maintenance and the associated calibration of the gas warning systems or the individual gas warning devices, a gas alarm is triggered even in the case of a slight deviation in the gas concentration. By doing so, you create a safe working environment for your employees.

Gas detectors as an integral part of EMDION's safety technology

Limitation of damage through gas alarm systems


Early detection of gas protects both human lives and buildings.

Safety technology from one single source with gas warning systems from EMDION

Safety expertise from

one single source 


As a specialist planner, installer and maintainer of gas warning systems we provide you with everything from a single source!

EMDION is certified in the field of gas alarmsystems

Qualified and tested security systems


Certified according to DNVGL-CP-0484 (inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and systems).

Industrial security technology

for the correct handling of gas alarms 


A high level of expertise is required for the design and installation of gas detection systems. Expert planning and installation avoid mistakes which might have life-threatening consequences. EMDION takes over the planning, which includes the 3D design, the calculation of the pipe network and the coordination with the respective architects or construction companies. In addition, EMDION also offers the installation of the gas detectors and the associated maintenance.

Our projects


As an experienced and certified partner for industrial safety technology, we have successfully implemented solutions in the highlighted industries, among others. Please contact us for a detailed reference list or an individual consultation on your specific requirements!

EMDION provides the industry with safety technology
  • Gassco

  • Meyer Werft

  • VW

  • MB-Tech Waiblingen

  • Frankonia RF Shield Rooms

  • HES International 

EMDION provides the shipping industry with safety systems
  • Queen Mary II





EMDION as certified expert for safety systems for wind power plants
  • Alpha Ventus

  • Windpark Borkum West

  • Baltic II

  • Windpark Nordergründe

  • Dolwin Gamma Nordsee

  • Cypress CWE

The new efficiency - Made in Emden!

When it comes to commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics of your industrial safety technology and security systems - it is always about efficiency. With the implementation of Remote Commissioning and Remote Control you save time and costs as most of the necessary maintenance work can be carried out remotely via a secure connection. As always, you can rely on our first-class service quality for all remote maintenance and remote diagnosis services as well.

Remote maintenance of safety technology with EMDION
Fire alarm systems planned and installed by EMDION

Fire alarm system

Fire extinguishers for fire fighting from EMDION

Fire extinguishers

Networked safety systems from EMDION

Integrated management systems

More Safety Systems

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