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With our effective systems of access control, perimeter protection and video surveillance, we offer maximum protection against unauthorized access and danger to people in stations and on routes. This includes actual challenges such as "trainsurfing".


Ein Hafenarbeiter

Extensive port areas make continuous surveillance particularly difficult. Security-related weaknesses can only be avoided by first-class planning and execution. Due to the location of our headquarters directly next to the North Sea, we understand port requirements by nature and hence can offer effective solutions to protect your safe harbor.



Our entire spectrum of security-related system solutions is used on airport grounds - from innovative fire protection systems such as very early fire detection (VESDA), perimeter protection, access control and CCTV to vandal-proof communication and call systems. To complete the package we also offer effective bird control solutions to increase the safety of people and machines.

Logistics Centers

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The simultaneous storage of a wide variety of goods - and also dangerous goods - has a great potential for danger with unpredictable effects. In particular, it is about enormous commodity values ​​that need to be protected. With innovative fire protection systems, but also with solutions to prevent unauthorized access, we are your first choice when it comes to reliably protecting your logistics centers.

Cold Storage


Complex cooling systems and thus the connection of chemicals and electronics represent an often underestimated source of danger. With effective fire detection and extinguishing systems, we take the right measures to protect your employees, systems and goods.


We look forward to your security challenges and good cooperation.

Overview of our safety systems


Very Early Fire Detection (VESDA)

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Call Systems


Perimeter Protection


Fire Detection Systems


Foam Extinguishing Systems


Management Systems / SCADA

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Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Extinguishing Systems



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