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Correctional Facilities

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Functionality and reliability of security systems in correctional facilities are a must-have! We even go further by ensuring safe construction and installation methods. Here our specially developed vandalism and injury-proof housing for communication and monitoring systems (AMUTHON) come into play.

Education and Culture 

Großes Theater

Public institutions must ensure the maximum safety of their visitors. It is important to recognize dangers at the earliest possible time and to encounter them effectively. In this context, our innovative very early fire detection systems (VESDA) are used to ensure a decisive time advantage for any evacuation.



In extreme cases it is only a fraction of time that decides whether a patient is safe or not. Hence we support our customers with  our very early fire detection systems (VESDA) to ensure that time is on your side! In addition the storage of chemicals and gases is also a potential risk, which we manage with individual extinguishing systems.

Emergency organizations

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With our safety systems we ensure that blue light organizations can fulfill their duties! In addition to access control and monitoring systems, our communication systems are used. Optionally we can equip them for usage in stations and guard-houses with our vandalism and injury-proof protective housings (AMUTHON).

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Overview of our safety systems


Very Early Fire Detection (VESDA)

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Call Systems


Perimeter Protection


Fire Detection Systems


Foam Extinguishing Systems


Management Systems / SCADA

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Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Extinguishing Systems



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