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Passenger Ships

Our headquarters are located close to the North Sea, hence we have always had a close connection to shipping. Not only our security technology, but also our communication systems are designed to meet the tough maritime requirements in terms of functionality and robustness - to protect your most valuable cargo, namely your passengers and crew.

With regards to ​​passenger ships and ferries, we have over 20 successful reference projects.

Cargo Ships

No ship is like the other. The same applies to your security systems made in Emden by EMDION. On individual ships, we play out our strength for individual security and communication systems that are adapted to the requirements of your ships and freight. Nevertheless, all of our systems are characterized by one thing in common: they stand for the absolute highest level of functionality, reliability and robustness in order to defy the challenges of the high seas.

We have over 40 successful reference projects in the field of cargo ships.

Expedition Vessels

Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Precisely for these extreme security and communication measures, which work reliably even under the most adverse conditions, we are your first choice partner - for the protection of your crew, your ship and equipment.


Yachts have to meet the highest demands of their owners in every respect - especially with regard to safety and communication technology. Challenging is to combine individual wishes with the necessary high standards for security. In more than 20 successful luxury yacht projects, we have proven ourselves as an internationally sought-after expert in this field - a status that we have achieved through quality and creative work combined with the use of innovative systems.

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Overview of our safety systems

Very Early Fire Detection (VESDA)

Call Systems

Perimeter Protection

Fire Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems

CCTV Systems

Acoustic Systems

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Gas Extinguishing Systems

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Management systems / SCADA



Access Control Systems


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Museum ship "Peking"

Our sound systems -

quality made in Emden 

you can hear

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Extract from our marine references

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